Lost Bullet (or Balle Perdue to give it its original French title) sees a criminal turned mechanic called Lino (played by Alban Lenoir) who is framed for the murder of his cop mentor Charas (played by Ramzy Bedia) by dirty cops. It’s a straight forward plot which is sort of needed when it’s a foreign language film because trying to focus on what’s going on and read all the subtitles can be quite a juggling act. The thing about Lino is that he doesn’t look like the sort of person who could fight off several cops in a police station but he does and does it convincingly. If there were a fight between Lenoir and Vin Diesel then on the face of it Vin Diesel would win but after watching this film, I think it might be a close contest.

As the lead, Alban Lenoir does his best. I don’t think he’s a brilliant actor but he does what is needed in the film. Julia is the main person who is on Lino’s side and the smart thing the film does is that it takes a while for her to fully trust what Lino is saying. I do think that one of the issues with the film is that she doesn’t really interact that much with Lino and I thought that she was slightly underwritten.

Lino has modified Charas’ car and the bit where he rams the police car, rips the rear off and uses to ram a police blockade is one of the best moments in the film. He then drives his car which at this point is partly on fire and manages to drive it back to the garage just in time. For some reason I quite liked this but had this happened in a Vin Diesel film (Bloodshot for example) then I would have found it silly but for some reason it just works in this film. I think they knew that the there wasn’t much of a plot so they knew that they had to through very silly set pieces and they are stupid but I think that this film does stupid in an entertaining way and I never got bored at any point during this film.
I watched the trailer for this along with Wasp Network and thought that this would be fun whereas Wasp Network would have the better plot. This film won on both counts. I thought that the plot whilst not original was done superbly and the pace was spot on and the running time was just right. It’s not going to win many awards but I thought for a Netflix film it was one of their strongest films in quite a while.